Lost in the Midst of Work

I apologize I haven’t not left permanently! What has happened has put me busy on lots of things but not sewing. I haven’t finished an item since I wrote my last post on here.

After the last post I went on a vacation back to my home state of Kansas, which I enjoyed so much seeing my old friends and some family members that still reside there. When I got back to my home in Indiana I started on the re-doing of the upstairs to move my sewing upstairs to a now unused room. I am still working on the re-do though! Because my boss ended up needing surgery — a heart bypass surgery of 8 bypasses. Generally I only work 3 days per week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday; meaning I get plenty of time to do other odds and ends on Tuesday and Thursday — but with his bypass surgery he needed me full-time until he is back into the office. So with that I lost my home days that I usually sewed on — and the weekends well when you have a farm when you both work at regular jobs the farm work has to be done on the weekends.

So I will get back to sewing within a few more weeks, probably around the first part of September I will be back to part-time — which I am SOOO looking forward to! If I get time to sew I will be sure to share it here! I haven’t even bought fabric or patterns — I told myself nothing until I get organized in my new space !

Until we sew again!!

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